Top hand spinner alamode in the industry

As an experienced product designer with knowledge of many manufacturing disciplines, including extensive 3D printing knowhow, you can be sure the overall project completion risk has been mitigated. Every possible step will be taken to ensure that all design requirements and deadlines are met, this is my top priority.

The Flat Top can be spun in the hand, on the tip of your finger, your desk or even the point of a pen or knife to really show off the gyro effect. Precision machined from your choice of brass, stainless steel or copper and housing a custom built bearing of the highest quality possible. Each Flat Top is CNC machined, and then hand finished and hand assembled in our workshops in Staffordshire, England. 

Wooden and metal spinners are favorites with keen finger spinners due to the additional performance that they offer. Some of the Torqbar spinners have been recorded to deliver more than four minutes of spinning, testament to how impressive the bearings really are. Wooden spinners are great to show off on a desk or on a mantelpiece, while metal spinners are even more long-lasting than their peers.

If you want to spend a bit more then you’ll probably be buying either a wooden or metal finger spinner. The wooden ones spin longer and look classier, while the metal spinners focus on delivering exemplary spinning performance. A titanium spinner will spin for three or four minutes – maybe longer! As you can imagine, wooden and metal fidget spinners are up to the rigours of constant, day-to-day use as well.

Slide one pencil o-ring onto the pencil, then slide Spinpal Mini onto the pencil. Next, slide another pencil o-ring onto the pencil and smash the Spinpal Mini in between the two o-rings. Position Spinpal Mini where ever you would like.

Beyond coping with sheer boredom, finger spinners are perfect if you suffer with any of the conditions that we touched on earlier – ADD, ADHD or autism. People who suffer with these often get builds up of stress that they need to release. Fidget spinners can help deliver that release.

Some hand spinner designs come with a cap, and some don’t. The benefit of having one is that you can spin for faster and longer, without your fingers touching the bearings and adding frictional drag. Also, no grease on your hands. This is a dished cap design that fits all standard bearings.

Fidget spinners are changing things dramatically for ADD and ADHD sufferers, making them calmer and more concentrated on their work. This applies to both adults and children. Much of the knowledge at the moment is anecdotal, but if you do have either, then why not give finger spinners a go? You may be surprised at the difference they make.

This fidget spinner is made from copper and brass metal, it’s ultra compact, and it uses only a single bearing. If we weren’t so devoted to the art of 3D printing, we’d be sorely tempted by a ready-made number like this.

The ever-popular Adafruit has a unique take on the hand spinner craze, devising an elegant model based around their company logo. They’ve also concealed the unsightly ball-bearing underneath an indented hub-cab, so you won’t get greasy fingers. Full instructions for fabrication and assembly can be found on their site.

The Axle by Destroyer Brands is unique in the world of hand spinner toys because of the two-tier design. It spins from the center, as you’d expect, but it also employs planetary gears within the open face frame so the outer bearings will spin too. This little beauty is not 3D printed, but injection moulded plastic.

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